10 Simple Steps to Turn a Bad Business Day into a Good One

Some days we just feel off, or overwhelmed. These negative feelings can affect our work and the work of those around us.

Sometimes it’s best to just take a minute to turn lemons into lemonade. Here are a few quick tricks to turn a bad business day into a good one when your day seems like it’s going south.


Creative Ways to Get Funding Without Going to the Bank

Are you having a tough time finding financing for your small business or just don’t know where to turn?

Today there are more financing opportunities out there than ever before — if you know where to look.

We tapped into the expertise of Linda Jenkins (pictured), CEO of the Gold Alliance Group, for some advice. She is the author of “Creative Financing: How to Get a Small Business Loan Without a Banker” and provides consulting for business owners seeking creative financing ideas.

According to Jenkins, “If you are trying to finance a start-up or grow your business, don’t be afraid to approach a bank. Just realize that less than 30 percent of businesses are actually funded that way.”

Don’t get discouraged with those kinds of odds. This is where you have to get creative.



Finding the Right Balance of Time and Money


One summer, a friend of mine planned a river trip. The closest public airport was a day and a half’s drive from the river. So my friend decided to hire a private plane to get his group to the destination in a few hours. I know this choice sounds extravagant, but it represents a choice we’ve probably all experienced at some point.

My friend had the money, but he didn’t have the time. For him, time had become a supervaluable commodity, and saving a day and half was worth the price of the private plane. We make a similar decision, for example, when we spend more to book a faster direct flight or pay for overnight delivery. At these moments, we’ve made the decision that our time is worth more than our money.