Growing Your Business

Undercapitalization is among the top reasons many small businesses don’t make it beyond year one. Bottom line, you are going to need startup funds to put your business on firm financial ground, and if you don’t have a ready or large enough pool of cash to draw from, you’ll have to go looking for people and institutions that do. Here are a few suggestions.




S.E.C. Gives Small Investors Access to Equity Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs raising money through crowdfunding campaigns have typically rewarded their backers with early access to products and with tchotchkes like T-shirts and coffee mugs.

But under new rules adopted Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission, they will be able to offer a prize that could be more lucrative: an equity stake in their business.


10 Great Things to Do With $10k Now

Finding that you have an extra $1,000 on hand gives you a chance to make a fresh start and do something new. That could be a timely investment, a better fitness routine, or a home upgrade. In fact, we found 20 smart things to do when you have $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket (and 15 totally realistic ways to come up with that cash.)

When you’re fortunate enough to be looking at a $10,000 windfall, the stakes feel higher—and the results can be more dramatic. With a five-figure sum to deploy, you can change a life or seriously improve your financial prospects. Here are 10 ideas for making that happen.