3 Ways Capital Investment Can Guarantee Business Growth

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve most likely heard the saying “It takes money to make money.” And, if you continue to be an entrepreneur, you’ll hear it again and again. Why? Because there is some truth to it.

Now, that being said, having money to invest in your business is a great thing, but not always a necessity. So if you don’t have the cash readily on hand, you need to think twice before accepting outside financing.


Small businesses prepare for the holiday season

While children are making their holiday wish-list, families are preparing to go out of town and big businesses are expecting long lines of shoppers, there is one group of people who will be working extra hard this holiday season: Small business owners.


4 Franchise Trends That Are Good News for Entrepreneurs

Several years ago, entrepreneurship became the career path of choice for many victims of corporate layoffs and downsizing. But although the uncertain economy and unstable job market have improved considerably in recent years, business ownership remains a popular means of employment.

Within the broader category of entrepreneurship, franchising — becoming an independent owner and operator of an existing business model — has become a smart option for individuals who want the freedom of owning a business without the pressure of creating a concept from the ground up.